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A Few Words About Broadway Theater Arts Academy

Broadway Theater Arts Academy is one of the most influential institutions which has been constantly working bringing the arts to our community, families and children. It was founded in 2002 and it has been providing theatrical opportunities since then to kids 5-19 years old. They have developed programs that can perfectly provide teens and children a safe place, where they can explore and grow their own sense of self esteem, instill confidence and creativity.

About Broadway Theater Arts AcademyThey learn the best through the magic of performing arts because they get dancing, singing and acting all combined in one and given to them in an environment that was designed to motivate them to easily accept what they see. Regardless of economic status, sexual orientation, ethnic background, religion or gender, children will be able to attend this academy if they show the interest.

There are even various types of scholarships and outreach programs for at risk and low income youth that are not able to afford these types of educational programs. This is a perfect place to make some unforgettable experiences and professional instructions and most of all, get the precious education, one step at a time.

In order to give their students nothing but the best, Broadway Theater Arts Academy brings only the top of the line artistic talents of each production that can offer the young performers the highest quality and well rounded instruction in voice, dance and acting.

Performance, advancement and recognition are the most important skills. Through these skills, each student will get a chance to shine. The experience is really important and each young performer will get to experience the excitement, thrills, sounds and sights of a professionally managed theatrical production. This will be a priceless experience for each performer and a cornerstone in their determination to go career.

Young students rarely get a chance to witness such a treat and get hand-picked performance venues, team members, costumes, and sets. This academy is a place where dreams do come true and each student gets truly recognized as a potential talent and performer.





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